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Times, Sunday Times (2016)We all think maybe we should have done something better. Times, Sunday Times (2016)It’s usually best to keep business and your love life well apart anyway. The Sun (2016)Your mind and emotions work so well together. As her POV internship draws to a close, she shares how Sadie Nash, POV and the documentary Racing Dreams have influenced her.POV Staff 4 min read May 30, 2012 POV Films Blog CommentsArt and Storytelling: My POV Internship Experience Kim Lopez is a Community Engagement and Education intern from the Center for Arts Education. A senior in high school, she is passionate about photography and film and shares her experience interning with POV.POV Staff 4 min read May 30, 2012 POV Films Blog CommentsFrederick Wiseman Bares All About the Nudity in ‘Crazy Horse’ The documentary Crazy Horse is attracting attention for its depiction of nudity in a Parisian nightclub. It’s a controversy director Frederick Wiseman has dealt with before, on his first film, the once banned Titicut Follies.Adam Schartoff 4 min read January 27, 2012 Documentary News CommentsPOV Staff 3 min read November 22, 2011 Documentary News CommentsFrederick Wiseman: An Appreciation Guest blogger Heather McIntosh of Documentary Site looks at the ‘stubbornly observational’ body of work of documentary director Frederick Wiseman (High School, Titicut Follies, La Danse Le Ballet de l’Op de Paris)..

La mattina dopo sono venuti a dirmi che la Volpi non era mai stata assegnata a un esordiente. Così mi fu ritirata”. Una storia che si è ripetuta con la Grolla d’Oro a Saint Vincent. Most evangelicals agree that a rite is not central to church; most argue that preaching is central. But rite and preaching share common ground. Both are clergy cantered.

La decadenza del regno di Silvio Berlusconi e soprattutto della sua corte: questo sembra essere il fulcro del racconto che Paolo Sorrentino affronterà nel suo nuovo film, Loro. Aveva detto in un’intervista alla fine dello scorso anno, rilasciata alla BBC, che il titolo si riferiva ai personaggi che hanno ruotato intorno all’ex premier in cerca di fortuna, siano essi uomini affamati di potere o ragazze disinibite. “Loro” può però diventare “l’oro”, aggiungendo semplicemente un apostrofo, come se Berlusconi fosse per i suoi cortigiani una sorta di miraggio di ricchezza e fortuna..

Gradually the focus of discussion changed. The statements in the Nicene Creed do not make any reference to the implications for us as followers of Jesus, they are historic statements to meet the particular need of the time when they are created but for all of us, it was the commitment to follow Jesus which was paramount. It was agreed that we all regarded ourselves as “followers of Jesus whose life expressed something utterly profound and took to the limit the idea that power is not all important, that expressed the values of love, peace and justice.” We are all “committed to the way of Jesus which we find worthwhile and which takes us nearer to the underlying sacredness .

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